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What are Healthy Indian Spices for weight loss?

If you are an Indian and your favorite home-made dish is prepared without a punch of Indian spices and herbs, it is considered incomplete. Not only in curries, khichadi, chats, stews, and biryanis, we mix them in our desserts such as gajar ka halwa, kheer (Indian Rice Pudding), also in drinks such as Haldi doodh, Jal jeera mojito and mint masala soda. 


Researchers have come across the conclusion that these Indian spices not only flavor up our food but also aid in boosting the body’s metabolism, enhances fat burning, suppresses appetite, promotes feelings of fullness and weight loss.

So, are you excited to know that these healthy Indian spices help you in weight loss?

Preparing food with a range of healthy Indian spices is one of the easiest ways to boost weight loss with minimal effort. Here we present some of the few healthy Indian spices that help you in your weight loss journey.

  • Fenugreek (Methi) 

Fenugreek is a common ingredient in Indian cuisine. It has been shown to reduce appetite and food cravings due to its natural fiber content. Evidence supports its role in the reduction of fat intake, decreasing overall calorie intake and appetite reduction. It also helps in blood sugar control and treatment of diabetes. So we recommend you take it with your highest carb meal of the day if your aim is to burn fat from your body.

  • Cumin (Jeera)

Sugar cravings and hunger pangs are common while you are dieting or avoiding processed food. The best way to stop yourself from reaching out to these unhealthy options is to include spices that help suppress your hunger. Cumin(Jeera) is one of the best spices that helps you feel fuller for longer. This also helps to accelerate your weight loss. Studies have found that 1 teaspoon of cumin a day can burn 3 times more body fat. It also helps to improve your glycemic control, digestion, metabolism, lower cholesterol and reduce stress.

  • Turmeric (Haldi)

Rich in antioxidants that suppress the growth of fat tissues. Like Curcumin, Turmeric has been always admired for its sparkling yellow color, flavor, and vigorous medicinal properties. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and anti obesity properties that help in burning fat from the body in a healthy way. Curcumin enhances weight loss, promotes healing, and boosts immunity. It also regulates the blood sugar level and further prevents insulin resistance.

  • Ginger (Adrak)

Ginger is one of the most widely used Indian spices that help you in weight loss. It boosts your metabolism and helps to burn fat, as well as decreases fat absorption. It contains gingerols and shogaols that have an anti-obesity effect. Ginger stimulates several biological activities like digestion and appetite control. There are free radicals present in our body that lead to oxidative stress and inflammation. Oxidative stress plays a great role in being overweight. Ginger has antioxidant properties that helps eliminate free radicals in the body and aiding weight loss

  • Black Pepper (Kala Mirch)

Rich in a compound called piperine, Indian spices like black pepper boosts weight loss effects and the body’s metabolism. It also blocks the formation of new fat cells thus, suppressing fat accumulation in the body. Studies say that when black pepper is combined with other fat-burning substances, it can burn as many calories as a 20-minute walk. It has been found to strengthen immunity and fight against infection too. So, we recommend that you include black pepper in your daily diet if your goal is weight loss.  

  • Fennel (Saunf)

Fennel is one of the most widely used Indian spices that help you in weight loss, either consumed after a meal or added to flavor up food. It is rich in Vitamins such as A, C, D, fiber, antioxidants and minerals which are all important for burning body fat and supporting good health. If you are looking to decrease your weight, we recommend you include Saunf in your diet regularly because of its richness in fiber. It also helps you to stay fuller for longer, prevents cravings which results in  weight loss. It improves vitamins and minerals absorption in the body, improves digestion, and regularizes bowel movements which in turn promotes weight loss.

  • Cinnamon (Dal Chini)

Cinnamon is widely used as an aromatic condiment and flavoring additive in Indian cuisines, sweets, snacks, tea, and traditional foods. It is rich in antioxidants which stabilizes blood sugar that may help to reduce appetite and hunger. It decreases the level of certain enzymes to slow the breakdown of carbohydrates. These effects of cinnamon-like Indian spices could potentially decrease appetite leading to weight loss. It also reduces triglyceride and bad cholesterol resulting in a healthy body.

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The Bottom Line

These healthy Indian spices have been used for ages to flavor food, but also boost metabolism, enhance fat burning and reduce appetite resulting in weight loss. So, how about combining these healthy Indian spices with your daily balanced diet to cut that extra flab from your body?

These Indian spices are very helpful in suppressing appetite and blocking the formation of new fat cells in the body, but that doesn’t mean you overuse them. So, Toxin Enemy requests you to make thorough wise decisions about these Indian spices that help you lose weight, their uses, and quantity before use with a proper consultation with one of our consultants to promote your weight loss journey. 

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