lose belly fat with the Indian diet

How to lose belly fat with the Indian diet?

The more challenging the goals, the tougher the practice, and fighting mentally to lose belly fat fast, the fight is the toughest. Well, it’s not rocket science, but with careful monitoring and patience, we can win over this war against belly fat.

In basic terms, if we put it, then belly fat is the excess fat around our stomach. Technically, this is visceral fat beyond our muscles in the stomach, making it the most dangerous of all the three fats.

Since this fat is under the layers, it becomes equally difficult to burn, resulting in going for a high-intensity workout and strict diet moderation to get rid of it.

What can we add to our daily diet to lose belly fat?

Before talking about what can we add to our daily diet to lose stubborn belly fat, lets talk about our food habit and its routine. We all know we are what we eat, which makes it necessary to start with our diet.

In India, we primarily consume laden food with spices and fats, but that doesn’t mean one should stop having them. A slight moderation in the composition of the classic Indian diet will work wonders.

India is a land of diverse cultures with many hidden treasures on managing day-to-day situations with home remedies and using them even to cure some illnesses.

5 weight loss foods for melting belly fat faster.

  •     Chia seeds: It is widely acknowledged that chia seeds are often used for weight loss or lose belly fat. They are high in fibre content which keeps you full for a longer time. This helps to curb the unnecessary food intake in between meals, resulting in a moderation of consumption. Though you may feel full after consuming these, however, these should not be over-consumed. They might step up your calorie limit.
  •     Detox water: We have often heard the benefits of detoxification water for melting body fat and lose belly fat, haven’t we? Detox water has many benefits, one of which is, of course, the weight loss inducement. Infused with flavours of natural elements like lemon zest, mint leaves, cucumber, it raises the metabolic rate, helping you burn more calories. This is partly because water intake curbs the appetite, resulting in less food consumption.
  •     Protein-Rich Diet: Protein majorly aids in curbing hunger, building lean muscle, burn abdominal fat , and protein for losing belly fat is backed up by scientific claims. Our body, on average, needs 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Indian diet offers some unimpeachable protein sources for vegans as an animal protein that is readily available for non-vegetarians is a significant hurdle in vegans. Intake of protein helps not only to reduce the weight but also prevents it from coming back.
  •  Flax seeds: Flax seeds are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. They are low in calories, rich in antioxidants, and protein which helps in mobilizing fat as they are equally rich in dietary fibres.

List of protein foods to lose belly fat for vegans and non-vegetarians:

(A) For vegans

  • Lentils are a rich source of proteins with a chief source of fibres
  •  Black-eyed beans are another excellent source of plant-based protein and promote digestive health with the added benefit of losing stomach fat.
  •  Quinoa, often labelled as a superfood, is gluten-free and a highly rated protein-rich food for vegans. One of the best ways to include it in your daily diet is to switch over your white flour pasta and noodles to the quinoa flour version.
  •  Chia seeds are often used in smoothies for weight loss is yet another prime source of protein. It is also an excellent source rich in omega-3 fatty acid and is equally rich in calcium and iron. Blend in your smoothies with these seeds, which are even paired with refreshing coolers.
  •  Paneer or cottage cheese is often a vegetarians chicken. With a high source of protein, paneer helps in weight loss when included in the diet moderately with specified portions.

(B) For non-vegetarians

  •  Non-vegetarians have an edge to choose from a wide variety of options. Starting with chicken which is a significant source of low-calorie protein, and pairing it with salad will aid in weight loss.
  •  Salad bowls can be exceptionally beneficial when one is undergoing a proper diet plan for weight loss. Pair it with some greens, add the sautéed chicken and top it up with soaked seeds or nuts. Add some sprinkle of black pepper, salt, and a dash of lemon juice, and your healthy salad bowl is ready.
  •  Eggs are yet another protein-rich source aiding in moderation of food consumption and leaving you to feel fuller for a longer time. Various ways are there to include eggs in your diet; also, it is advisable to consult your physician if you are allergic to specific components.

How to make flaxseeds powder for burning body fat?

A straightforward way to make the flaxseeds powder is to dry roast them for 2-3 minutes and grind them to a fine powder. The ground powder makes it easier for digestion.

How to use flaxseeds powder in a daily diet plan to induce abdominal fat?

  • You can pair it with your smoothies
  • Use the powder in green coriander chutney
  • You can even use it in curd or raita, which beaten curd with veggies

How to use apple cider vinegar to lose belly fat?

Apple cider vinegar- Apple cider vinegar juice is another food you can include in your diet plan for weight loss.

Apple cider vinegar results from the fermentation process, and including 1- 2 tablespoons in daily intake can induce weight loss and belly fat reduction. It suppresses appetite, burns fat, and increases metabolism, which eventually aids in weight loss

How long does it take to lose lower belly fat naturally?

Belly fat is stubborn but can be managed with an effective diet plan combined with low to high-intensity workouts. The very first thing you should remember that contributors to belly fat range from lack of proper physical training to even some medical changes seen, especially in older age adults. The process may be tedious, but as it is said, slow and steady wins the race.

4 Yoga poses to lose belly fat

To lose belly fat naturally means without taking external sources of medications or pills for weight loss and revamping your diet and physical workout sessions.

Let’s begin with incorporating small steps or habits which can go a long way in maintaining weight loss. It is proven that Yogasanas have worked wonders where all the remedies seem to have failed. It has proven Yoga poses to be beneficial for all ages.

Not only it is helpful in toning your body, but also it aids in giving mental peace. When done with the correct postures, timings, and guidance of a trained teacher, Yoga induces a work-life balance with calm composure.

Indian Yoga poses for weight loss, especially for belly fat, includes:

What not to do for gaining belly fat again after losing it?

Once you start losing the fat around your abdomen, you can also become complacent and might give up on the things you have been doing all these days to get rid of the stubborn fat.

You can start planning your days well, and also, you should include the cheat days in the routine. One can even change the workouts from abdominal-centric to full-body as we all get bored doing the same exercises repeatedly.

Ranging from cardio to stretching to Yoga, a part of each would help you balance the overall weight resulting in maintenance of the entire body weight. Staying from sugary treats on other than cheat days and switching over to better ways of including sweets, e.g. jaggery-based sweets, can help.

Is there a different diet and process of losing belly fat for men and women?

Men and women have different body process cycles and compositions of various hormones, which requires a slight change in the diet and losing belly fat.

Before starting on a diet plan, one should consult his nutritionist and physician to know his body well and what may be best for one person cannot be fruitful to the other. 

Hormonal changes in women often disrupt the weight loss process, and it is always advisable to go for what suits your body best, irrespective of anything. In comparison, problems such as chronic illnesses or even heart problems are more evident in Indian men than in Indian women.

 No weight loss journey has been an easy ride, but with patience and correct guidance, this can be an achievement like many other life goals we aspire to achieve.

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