8 Effective ways of weight loss after pregnancy

8 Effective ways of weight loss after pregnancy

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    Many women get worried about weight loss after they deliver the baby. But there is nothing to worry about it. Yes, Weight loss after pregnancy is possible.

    The challenge is not to lose weight but the challenge is to get that pre-pregnancy body again. It is really important to take that weight off otherwise it will stick with you for a longer time and become a major contributor to obesity. Just a bit of patience and hard work is required to burn those calories and get into that perfect shape.

    After pregnancy, there is a lot a mother has to do. The responsibility just doubles up with the infant. Feeding the baby, pushing your body to function normally, and losing the pounds you have gained during pregnancy. In the hustle, it gets difficult for mothers to lose their belly fat. But there is nothing to worry about it. The pregnancy fat goes away in a period of 6 months to one year. However, a proper diet plan and regular exercise are the keys. Proper diets full of nutrition can help in weight reduction after pregnancy in less time. 

    When is the right time for weight loss after pregnancy?

    The right time for weight loss after pregnancy depends on each other’s body. It is not advisable to rush for weight reduction. Wait for a minimum of 6 months after delivery to start your weight loss process. Most of the postpartum weight reduces in 6 weeks but if you want your pre-pregnancy body, just wait for the right time. Do consult your doctor before starting the weight loss process. 

    8 ways of weight loss after pregnancy

    8 Effective ways of weight loss after pregnancy

    1. Enough water intake

    Drinking enough water is important for weight reduction after pregnancy. A minimum of 75 ounces (more than 2 litres) of water intake is necessary for women.

    Water prevents dehydration and bloating in the body if you are a C-section patient. It also increases the metabolism of a person. It makes you feel full and helps in avoiding over-eating.

    It also helps in the production of breast milk which ultimately helps in weight loss. Clear urine is a sign that you are drinking enough water. 

    2. Breastfeed the baby

    Tt is the best way for weight decrease after pregnancy as you don’t have to do anything extra for it. A study shows that breast milk is made from the fat cells and calories of the body.

    Continuous breastfeeding for six months helps lose lots of weight and it also helps in boosting the baby’s immunity and lots of other benefits. Avoid junk if you breastfeed as it’s not good for the baby. 

    3. Exercise

    Exercising is important for weight reduction. However, exercising for weight loss after pregnancy can be risky for at least 6 weeks. It is important to consult your doctor before starting to work out. Working out for 20-30 minutes for 5 days a week is enough for your weight reduction and stay healthy.

    It helps in keeping your bones and muscles strong. Apart from weight loss, exercise helps with so many other issues like stress, sleep issues, depression, etc. Yes, dealing with a baby is itself a workout but strength training is important for the body and to shred those pounds you gained during pregnancy. 

    You don’t need to do hardcore exercise every day, sometimes you can just walk and keep it easy for yourself. 

    4. Enough sleep

    Getting enough sleep is also an important factor for weight loss after pregnancy. Disturbed sleep pattern is very common with a small baby. It will make you feel exhausted all day. 

    By feeling exhausted, you won’t feel like doing anything for yourself. Sleep deprivation can lead to avoiding making healthy food, not doing exercising, and many other things. 

    Sleep deprivation also promotes weight gain by releasing stress hormones like cortisol. For weight loss, taking enough sleep is essential as it enhances the mood also. 

    5. Active lifestyle

    Active lifestyle helps in fast weight cut. An active lifestyle doesn’t mean exercising but staying active and do physical work. 

    For instance- doing household chores, doing your work yourself, not keeping sitting all day or lying, etc. Make your lifestyle active as it helps in weight loss after pregnancy. 

    Go for a walk with your baby, take stairs instead of the elevator (only if the doctor approves), go to nearby places by foot helps in keeping the lifestyle active and ultimately helps in weight loss. 

    6. Eat superfoods

    Superfood here refers to the food that is rich in vitamins, minerals, calcium, and other important nutrients that the body needs. Loading up on the superfoods will help your baby also to get all the essential nutrients.

    Some of the superfoods that can be eaten are milk, yoghurt, fish, green vegetables, pulses, chicken, beans, etc. These foods are rich in fiber, calcium, protein, and are low in fats. 

    These foods keep you full for longer and this way you won’t feel like eating unnecessarily. Mothers need to have a diet full of nutrition for themselves as well as their babies. It also helps with weight loss after pregnancy.  

    7. Mindful eating and portion sizes

    Mindful eating stands for concentrating on the food that you are eating. The presence of your mind on the food helps you chew it well and thus helps in fast digestion of the food. 

    Portion size here means the food you are having a day. Having enough food is very important but the right food. Also, eating every two hours is better than eating 3 heavy meals. 

    So right portion and proper chewing of the food reduce the calorie intake in the body and thus helps in weight decrease after pregnancy.

    8. Avoid alcohol consumption

    We all know alcohol contributes to weight gain and obesity. Also, it is not good for anyone’s health. If you are a mother and you just delivered your baby, it is better to avoid it. It will affect yours as well as your baby’s health. Rather than weight loss, you’ll start gaining more weight. Therefore, avoiding alcohol after pregnancy will help in faster weight cut. 

    9. Value Homemade Food

    Homemade food is hygienic. At home, we use a good ingredient to make any dish. Rather than ordering food prefer homemade food as you won’t use any ingredient that is unhealthy or unhygienic. You can customize the food as per your choice and try to keep it healthy and tasty both at the same time. It will help in managing your cravings and won’t disturb your weight loss diet plan. 

    Toxin Enemy- diet plan for weight loss after pregnancy provider

    We have given a few tips about weight loss after pregnancy above. But for mothers that are looking for some healthy diet plans to lose their postpartum weight. Toxin enemy is here to help you with that. We are a weight loss diet plan provider for healthy weight reduction. 

    Our diet plan includes all types of nutrition divided into the right amount required by the body. The diet plan consists of ingredients that are easily available in India and can mostly be found at home. Our diet plan is a 30-day weight loss program for men, women, and kids. 

    To contact us you can email us or go to our website toxinemeny.com

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