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5 healthy Low carb Indian food for weight loss

Carbohydrates, also known as carbs, are energy-giving foods that our bodies store as glucose for immediate energy release during high-intensity activities such as workouts or as a backup to fall back on as needed. The issue arises when our bodies don’t really need more energy and the retained amount is greater than what is desired, which is then converted into fats.

Carbohydrates are divided into three categories: Easy- which can be contained in fruits, milk, and milk products in their natural state; Complex sugar molecules, which contains starch and fibre, are present in wheat, rice, vegetables, beans, and other complex foods. Refined foods, which are processed foods with artificial high-calorie sweeteners added, are the most fragile of the three categories, inducing unwanted energy storage in our bodies thus aiding in weight gain. It’s hard to cut off unwanted weight but not impossible.

High carb vs low carb Indian foods

high carb vs low carb indian food

Low carb indian diet food is essentially preferred for weight loss program, where high concentrated carb foods are replaced with protein-rich food and complex carbs, which help to remain fuller. It reduces the hunger levels which helps in less calorie intake eventually leading to weight loss and this has been backed by scientific studies that low carb foods help in reducing weight faster than low fats food.

High-carbohydrate foods, which are typically processed foods, provide the body with less energy, resulting in fat accumulation, which largely contributes to the unwanted fat in our bodies. High carb diets, which mostly consist of junk and refined foods with added sugars, increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other diseases.

Why you should switch to low carb Indian diet food for weight loss?

Not all high-carb foods are harmful; for example, quinoa, a high-carbohydrate pseudocereal that has long been associated with weight loss due to its high fibre and protein content, which keeps you satiated. You can find much more information at joining our weight loss program for 30 days

Low-carb diets help you lose weight quicker, and when you’re trying to lose weight, restrict your consumption of foods that could throw your diet off. When we consult with our clients on weight loss body transformations, we first learn about their body types and processes before focusing on diet, as diet plays a significant role in shaping or destroying our bodies. Switching to high-protein, low-carb diet foods for weight loss is a smart option because it allows the body to absorb the necessary energy without having to store it as fat.

Low carb indian healthy foods diet - The Indian way of adopting it

According to recent reports, Indians are at a high risk of developing diabetes, as shown by belly fat, which is the most dangerous of all fat accumulations. As a result, we advise our Indian clients to follow a low-carb lifestyle while still using Indian foods to make it more appealing. The Indian diet is rich in oily foods and intake of high-calorie food habits such as after every meal, having meetha or dessert, which is made up of simple carbs like sugar, cause insulin secretion and thus increases the unwanted sugar molecules composition in our bloodstream.

Low carb Indian food for weight loss: The very first step to starting a weight loss diet is lowing on carbs as switching from unhealthy carbs is an important step in the reduction of body mass and regulating the insulin levels in our body. India has a legacy of the rich culture of authentic foods which helps in maintaining the low carbohydrate diet an interesting weight loss endeavour.

high protein low carb food

We have curated the high protein low carb food list for weight loss

  • Seeds and nuts: Walnuts, chia seeds, flax seeds, pistachios, and other high-protein, low-carb nuts and seeds can be effectively included in our everyday diet. By adding pistachios to your smoothies and reducing your intake of added sugar, you can make them even more delicious. If you’re willing to go the extra mile for weight loss, use skimmed milk or switch to soy or almond milk.
  • Eggs: Eggs are an excellent source of proteins, calcium and they have almost zero carbs. Breakfast eggs provide a strong source of nutritious proteins and they are one of the most adaptable foods, include them as boiled in your salad bowls, or have an omelette tossed in olive oil, or just plain boiled eggs for your post-workout hunger, it seamlessly fits in every diet plan. One boiled egg contains almost zero carbs and gives you 13 gm of protein.
  • Chickpeas: Those white whole grains are full of benefits which makes it a go-to favourite among those who are on weight-loss diets, muscle-building regimes, gym-goers, high-intensity exercise doers, and other people in similar situations. Chickpeas can be included in your diet in various ways, you can make falafels with them and serve them with a coriander and flax seed chutney, or you can simply throw them in a basic onion-tomato gravy in less oil and have it with the salad or make khakras and serve it with hummus which is yet another lip-smacking accompaniment made out of chickpeas.
  • Chicken, red meat and fish: If you are a non-vegetarian then these sources are going to make it easy to follow a low carb diet schedule. Chicken which is again high in protein has low carbohydrates making it yet another favourite on the list. Though it is low on carbohydrates its making styles should not contradict your diet plan. Have it boiled with its broth or toss it in a nonstick pan with some added lemon juice, salt, black pepper and green chillies and stuff it in homemade low-calorie loaves. Saltwater Tuna fish has a high source of lean protein with zero carbohydrates making it a perfect source of high protein low carb food item.
  • Indian herbs and spices: Indian food is incomplete without spices, when on a low carb diet adding spices like cinnamon, cardamom, red chillies, cumin seeds, pepper, turmeric, cloves, etc. will turn your boring meals into delectable delights. Spices, which are equally rich in antioxidants are also low on carbohydrates and some are even known to aid in weight loss. Having a warm cup of jeera or cumin seeds infused water has proven beneficial in reducing belly fat.

Diet change - Is it the only component in weight loss?

A weight-loss strategy focuses on two items in particular: diet and exercise. As we’ve shown, the advantages of low carb Indian foods for weight loss are insufficient on their own to cause weight loss. It is equally important to incorporate low-intensity to high-intensity workouts depending on one’s body type. Starting with something as easy as walking 5k-10k steps a day and progressing to a weights routine is a good place to start.

Yoga is another light workout that you can begin with by performing simple asanas at a steady pace. Consistency has also proven to be beneficial. Some of the asanas are designed to focus on a specific area where you need to improve.

Low carb foods for weight loss form 50% of the weight loss regime while workouts form the other 50%, these two aspects go hand in hand if you are beginning on a weight loss journey. Consistent efforts with expert guidance are surely going to help you go a long way in making happen some amazing transformations.

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