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Get the best result for body transformation under the guidance of trained mentors in India. We are mentoring men & women for weight loss for years. Ask us for a weight loss diet & food habits for fitness and healthy living.

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    Yoga also helps in Weight Loss


    Focuses the area around the stomach, making it ideal for belly fat loss

    Sun Salutation

    Focuses on every body part, making it a balanced approach to tone the body, and as it involves various poses too, this is yet another famous pose for belly fat loss.

    The cobra pose

    Focuses on abdominal muscles, thus toning the lower abs.

    Kumbhakasana (the plank)

    Focuses on the area around the tummy, and the longer you hold, the faster it aids in losing the belly fat and toning it.

    🥦 Journey of weight loss mentor

    I am Stacey Eades Singh with 4+ year of experience in helping people to lose stubborn weight and gain weight. I help people by mentoring and coaching them daily in our private groups. Toxin Enemy under Ph@tt is launching a detox program in India with the same quality and team. 

    However ph@tt has now been shared with more than 400,000 people worldwide including the USA, Europe, New Zealand, Japan and more, and we are now able to offer our life-changing detox program to our Indian customers.

    Body transformation result with diet and mentorship

    body transformation weight loss result
    Lose Belly fat in 30 days

    Are you looking for an effective weight loss strategy?

    In an era where everything has gone digital, right from our daily communications to shopping from the comfort of the home, our physical movements have become limited. While looking at the work from the home scenario sitting time has increased beyond limits causing a significant shift in our body weight. In that case, an effective weight loss strategy becomes the need of the hour. A balanced approach to modification of diet, including shifts in our working formats and making minor changes in our lifestyle under expert guidance, can go a long way in helping us with weight loss. We would be glad to guide you on weight loss tips, help you with your weight loss journey, and let’s collaborate for amazing transformations to happen.

    Sandhya weight loss practise
    Featured Reviews

    Willpower is Like No Others!

    “I came to know about toxinenemy India from one of my friend and consult Stacey Eades Singh who is one of the best and experienced weight loss mentor. She knew reason of my weight gain after talking with me and she tips and unique diet plan helped me to lose 12kgs. I am feeling lighter and confidence. Still i am practising those techniques which is natural & effective for me.”
    Sandhya Kharwar

    Weight loss: The ultimate guide to How, What, and When

    How we work- A start with an analysis

    We work together with the clients closely and analyze their daily patterns and activities to inculcate weight loss tips in their routine life effectively. Our experts frame effective strategy which is tailor-made according to the requirements of our clients. We encourage our clients to analyze their body processes, and then we go ahead with our road map customizing it accordingly. We always try to make our clients understand that acceptance is the first step to change, being body positive, and taking small steps is the key to the ultimate goal of the journey to weight loss.

    What is to be done- A start with Indian weight-loss food

    Weight loss program needs close monitoring and patience to see long-term results. We recommend starting with a weight loss diet as diet makes a significant difference on our bodies and targeting to reduce belly fat as that proves one of the most dangerous fats leading to many hidden ailments. Incorporating Indian weight-loss food, weight loss drink, and low-to-medium intensity workout is what our experts suggest to start. At the same time, we understand everybody has different sets of responses to the activities and diets, so being patient and consistent is what our team tries to emphasize while starting with weight loss. It’s a journey that has to be accomplished with small yet impact-making steps.

    When you can start- Now is always the best time.

    Going for a weight loss journey is not restricted to age and time. Amazing transformations require more extended patience periods, so we advise starting at the earliest possible. Don’t wait for the perfect moment to arrive or that best friend’s wedding, or your perfectly planned beach vacation; start now with small steps eventually. Start with just paying attention to intake and begin monitoring your diet honestly as per the goals you have set out to achieve. Not everyone will have the same diet plan and metabolism, and that’s where trained professionals and diet consultants come into the picture, guiding you on the right course for amazing transformations.

    Who should undergo weight loss- Let’s examine some parameters

    There are many reasons people undergo weight loss, ranging from reducing the risk of heart disease or keeping themselves fit and healthy. Some might have to do due to illnesses they already have and shift to healthier lifestyle patterns. Whatever may be the underlying reason, some of the essential factors or facts you may say are considered before beginning on a weight loss journey. Doctors generally consider three significant parameters, namely weight, BMI, and waist circumference. The words “overweight” or “obese” are based on calculating BMI. A BMI of 25-30 comes under overweight, and above 30 is considered obese. The higher the BMI, the higher the risk of falling prey to diseases as risky as type 2 diabetes and heart disease, from which reversing back becomes quite terrible. Weight loss foods, weight loss drinks, and workouts should be the first approach to move towards a weight loss journey rather than taking surgeries at the first instance.

    lose belly fat with the Indian diet

    The more challenging the goals, the tougher the practice, and fighting mentally to lose belly fat fast, the fight is the toughest.


    Your gut has 100 trillion bacteria living inside including both good and bad bacteria. Friendly bacteria kill extra bad bacteria, keep your immune system & gut health. 

    indian diet for weight loss

    If you are an Indian and your favourite homemade dish is prepared without a punch of Indian spices and herbs, it is …

    Benefits of weight loss program:

    Comprehensive guide: Holistic wellness entails determining the root cause of a specific body behaviour and addressing the root causes to achieve holistic health. Since the root cause has been found and addressed, maintaining the same regimen after the weight loss program becomes simpler.

    Self-acceptance and a good attitude:

    As a team, we always help our clients to accept and enjoy themselves first. Weight loss tips can be moderated according to the body type and metabolism, which comes only after proper analysis and acceptance of one’s body parameters.

    4D approach:

    We focus on four dimensions of emotional health wellness, physical wellness, mental well-being, and maintaining them even after the program ends.

    Expert guidance:

    One of the most critical aspects of the weight loss process is training under expert guidance; our expert teams work closely with clients while constantly tracking progress against the defined goals.

    Adopting a new lifestyle:

    Even after your appointment time is finished, instilling new behaviours and switching to healthier meals will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and give your weight loss program a proper path. Indian weight loss foods can be twisted and made accordingly with variations to skip the monotony of the meals.

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